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our customer,paulinechang our customer,paulinechang








A. Lee

I wanted to thank you for all of your help. The qipao arrived today. The fabric is even more beautiful than I had expected from the photo. It fits perfectly.Throughout the evening I received compliments about how beautiful the qipao is. The fabric is absolutely gorgeous.









I\'m very satisfied with this wedding dress. It fits perfectly.








Thank you for making my Wedding Party dress for me! I really LOVED wearing it- it is such an original, beautiful dress! I can\'t wait to wear it again!!! Also, thank you for making my mum\'s dress. She also loves it!! Here are some pictures for you to see! It was a wonderful day and my dress for me just made it really special!








MRS ZHU The customer has bought several dresses from our store








Joanna You all did a wonderful job! The bride received many compliments and wore the dress for the remainder of the evening








Rebecca K. I love my dress!!!‏These were taken at the Satatoga Jim Dandy Races - I was the talk of the town! Will be buying again for next years races...!P.S.This style is our customer bought from our ebay store








Angela The craftmanship & the quality of dress was absolutely gorgeous. The dress was just perfect in everyway, I would definitely recommend to friends and family in the future, thank you!








Lynda B. The outfits looked fabulous! I tried to send you two pictures at a time, but the file was too large, so I have to send one picture at a time.Lynda








Lynda B. 01

The outfits looked fabulous! I tried to send you two pictures at a time, but the file was too large, so I have to send one picture at a time.Lynda








Kim Wu Thank you I have received my dress, it fits very well!Excellent craftmanship, I would definitely buy from you again!








P.K The fit is pretty good, except for one thing: the arm holes seem just a bit small. The cut under the armpits could have been deepened 2cm and the dress would fit better in the top. Anyhow, she looks very pretty in the dress!








Mrs Xia 01 I loves cheongsam very much. I have placed several dresses from efushop. Highly recommended








Miss Zhou A Chinese lady ordered this dress in our Chinese store. \"It is beautiful and fits perfectly. Thank you so much again.\"








Erin The dress is absolutely beautiful! We are so pleased. It fits perfectly¡­ As a mother, I am almost shocked to see what a striking figure it brings out in my daughter. Your dress has really added excitement to her prom night! Thank you!!! Also, unlike a prom dress, it is a dress that she will wear again and again..(as long as she doesn¡¯t gain any weight¡­ha ha). Your delivery timing was excellent as well, thank you. Often, when ordering from somewhere online for the first time you don¡¯t know what to expect. You cross your fingers and hope that the quality and the deadline will both be met without any difficulties. Your emails Sally, and customer service, as well as the dress¡¯ quality and its on time arrival, were excellent! We will definitely be ordering again from you.








elaine & brian

I ordered a custom made dress from efushop a few years ago, and I was very pleased. I have enclosed a picture of the wedding I wore it to. I also requested extra material, and made the tie my husband is wearing








Mee Fong Here is a picture of the cheongsam I ordered. I absolutely loved it.








John Standring Hello Sally
you may remember making this cheong sam and sending it to Western Australia: this photo to show you the very attractive result which was much admired at a local New Year party where the theme was to do with China.
best regards and again thank you for your work
John Standring








Sheryl Chin The red cheongsam fits me perfectly! Really nice fabric and the dress is done so well! Very professional work. Thank you!








Mei Fong Thank you for your help with getting me my 3 red dresses for my wedding here are a few pics for you.








Mei Fong 01








Natish Smith

Here are 2 pictures of me in the dress you requested. Thank you so much for your services. I will refer you to my friends and family, your company does great work








Catherine & Wai Wah Li

It\'s my mom and me, both our cheongsam are from Efushop! You were wonderful to work with and we got our dresses so fast and in time for my wedding. We love our dresses and they fit beautifully! We got endless compliments on the quality of the dresses
















Doc. Tang Doc. Tang is our frequent customer, she like to buy fabric by herself then let our tailor make. This blue dress is we made for her. Very elegant, isn't it?








Lai Wong I purchased my wedding cheongsam back in 2003 for my wedding. Attached is a photo of me in the cheongsam. It was a lovely dress and good craftsmanship








Ms Wu Thanks for your perfect job, I like this Qun Kwa, it made me so charming. My mum is also love this traditional handcraft. I got a lot of compliment. Thanks again








Peggy Chung








Peggy Chung 01 I realize this is very late, but I wanted to send in some pictures.I recently recommended a friend to your website and saw that you posted some pictures of happy brides and was very excited. Whenever someone I know is looking for a qipao I always recommend your website. You and your company were fantastic to work with. My qipao came out beautifully and fit great. I received many compliments on the qipao and many people cannot believe that I purchased it online. Thank you so much








Jennifer The dress turned out great. I was very pleased with how it turned out.Thanks for everything








Helen As promised, here is a picture of me on my son's wedding day wearing the cheongsam you helped me with. I cannot thank you enough for your infinite patience in helping me sort through all the different styles and colours. I received so many compliments about this cheongsam. It was elegant yet comfortable. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!








Sarah Thanks for your staff doing such a great a good job. My dress fits me perfectly and i got a lot of compliment when i had my engagement pictures taken. Unfortunately i still didn\'t get the pictures from the studio yet. So here i just attach one my fiancee took. Hope it can help you. Thanks again








Lily Ning

I ordered a Qi Pao from you in January for my wedding and you\'ve asked for a picture. THis is the only shot of me in the dress alone. Thanks again for a wonderful job in making it!








Tami Cheung How are you? I hope that you are doing well.Do you remember me? I ordered a red qipao from you in March and you asked me if I can send you photos for your Clients Album. I\'ve been busy but did not forget.The photographer did not take too many photo of the qipao in full length. Here are two photos that showed the full length nicely. Hope these are good for you.Again, thank you for taking care of my order. Everyone loves the qipao. They said that it was beautiful. :)








Hitomi Wernette Here are a couple of pictures for you. The dress fit PERFECTLY when I got it. The workmanship and fabric is top high quality. Thank you so much for helping make my wedding a wonderful once in a lifetime event!Thank you again and with the service you offered, your business will grow.








Ms Zhang She is our customer in China.Instead of the traditional red, she chose blue, but the effect was also very very excellent. How beautiful she is.








Anna Harvey I think the photo is an artwork.Anna is very beautiful. The red dress, the hair, the accessories matched very well!!








Ms Sun She is our customer in China, this dress is her wedding dress. So elegant! So beautiful!








Yufan Hong Thanks a lot for making me the perfect dress. All people who have seen it said that is amazing I got it on line,as it suit me just right. And it is so beautiful and made me the special one on all sort of occasion.








Linda Jiang This dress is our staff- Linda Jiang's weding dress, How beautiful she wore the dress. And also very elegant!! It's our design








Pia Pedersen

I got my dress on Thursday and I absolutely love it :) it fits perfectly and i can\'t wait to wear it at the next party.Thanks for doing a great job and answering all of my questions I was really satisfied with your service and I\'m going to recommendyour business to my family and freinds and I\'m sure I will be doing business with you in the future when I need a new dress
















Linda 01 Sally,Please find pictures attached of my wedding dresses and my bridesmaids dresses. Our wedding was March 7, 2009.Thank you.Linda








Deborah Mai Thank you to everybody at efushop for a great job, especially Sally. The customer service was outstanding, and the quality of the dress was excellent!Deborah








A.C Thanks again for making the dress for my wedding. It was really beautiful and ppl kept complimenting me on the style and the fit. As promised, here is a photo of me in the cheongsam made for me by efu shop.








Cathy Wong I love my CheongSam so much, workmanship is really nice and I got a lot of compliments.Thank you for making my wedding day so special








Olga Toma Hi, Sally! This is Olga. Finally sending you pictures from my wedding. Everybody absolutly loved my bridesmaids\' dresses!They turned out to be gorgeous, even better then i expected. Thank you and all your team for doing such a great job and making it allso easy! It was a pleasure doing business with you!:)








Shonali Rodrigues

Here is a picture of the bridesmaid dresses you sent me - for yourwebsite








Allison Attached are pics of me in my dress. I absolutely love it!!!! Thanks so much!Allison








Michele Doran I wore my beautiful dress for my wedding on 30th October in Las Vegas, here is a couple of photo\'s of it hope you can use them. Kind regards Michele








SD doll These two dresses are for SD doll,Do you think thay are lovely?they are smaller than people, but it\'s still handwork and the quality is also good








Linda Jiang 01 She is our workmate. When she put it on, we were so astonished that we mistook her for another person! BTW, the ancient handbag matched her well








Lea Lee Intro:Her mother bought this cheongsam for her in 2001.She looks so lovely when she puts it on in the picture! Accompany with her hair, looks like an acquainted younger in 1920s.








Mrs Nishu

Intro:Bill Smith sent this dress as a gift for his girlfriend in Dec. 2004.
We know he loves her very much








Anita Chinese cheongsam. This cheongsam makes her looks elegant and confident.Hurry up to join them to show your beauty!She bought this dress from our German partner









Chinese painting cheongsam. We are all attracted by this picture. Look at the dress, the delicate painting, the fine shape, fits perfectly with her!








Ciao Style:PCWX Fabric:N13 Button:bs03She looks so elegant in the picture. This close-fitting cheongsam helps her to show her unique character and fine body shape








Mrs Daniel und Nathalie

You can not image why an adult looks so lovely and sexy.Pink fabric, nifty mini skirt, mixed with eastern-style feeling... all this help to show the different face! She bought this dress from our German partner








Melanie Lee&Lea Lee Custom-tailor Qipao! Her mother bought the cheongsams for them in 2001. These leopard pattern cotton cheognsams make the two little girls look so rakish and lovely








Lea Lee 01 Custom-tailor Qipao! Her mother bought this cheongsam for her in 2001. The little girl of two sisters








Mrs Miasfaentu

If somebody tell you that black makes a person looks mystery.Please trust he/she. You can get evidence from this beautiful photo.She bought this dress from our German partner









Seeing the new dress way from the picture. You can make the cheongsam for a coat! You also can wear jean under the dress








Melanie Lee&Lea Lee 01 As time goes by, the little two sisters become more and more beautiful,adult-like,gentle and quiet








Shannon Taliaferro received many compliments on the dress. Many women were wearing very similar looking evening gowns and I felt especially unique and elegant! Your customer service was fantastic and very thorough with detail for the design of the dress








Dena Rosko Thank you to efushop's outstanding staff who finished a beautiful bridal dress for me in a short amount of time for my wedding reception. I sent them fabric that a friend had given me. I am an international customer from the States, and shopping at was a pleasant and convenient; the staff was attentive, and worked hard to finish and ship me my dress in time. I highly recommend for your tailor made dress needs








Kimmie Szeto Things turn out the best for those who make the best out of the way things turn out








Donna Giffen

Thank you to EFUshop for the beautiful dress, I got many compliments. Your customer service was great and I had a very positive experience shopping with your company








bopeilin PCB+S206 Wonderful, it fits me very well, and it\'s also a cheerful experience to work with Efushop








Bopeilin PCW+N55Wonderful, it fits me very well, and it\'s also a cheerful experience to work with Efushop









As you can tell, I absolutely love this dress and during my bridal shoot, it commanded alot of attention








Alessandro Trapani I\'ve included a photo of the Qipao you made for me and will be very happy to share it with you and your clients on the client album. Once again, thank you very much as we are very happy with the results and compliments for the service. We eventually managed to use the dress in our short film and it\'s thanks to your speedy delivery








Tina wang Thank you again, Ray, for your wonderful help and your staff for their expertise. My Maid of Honor will be getting married in December. She is thinking about getting a wedding dress from









Yes, please feel free to put the pictures in the Clients Album. My wedding dress style is WDC93.My all the qipaos seem to be the style SCT05.I am located in the USA. And, I purchased the dresses earlier this year. The wedding was on August 28, 2006








Gruss Sonja








JEANNIE EfuShop was fast, friendly and their attention to detail exceeded my expectations! I was hesitant to buy over the internet, but shortly after I met Sally, I felt reassured that they would make my dress exactly to my specifications. Sally was patient, professional and easy to communicate with. Upon receiving my dress, it was too tight because my measurements were a little off, but without any question Sally and her team assisted me in creating the perfect fitted dress! Their dresses are high quality, yet at a very reasonable price. I was proud to wear a dress created by EfuShop. THANK YOU








Xiaoou Pan I have attached few pictures of the me in the qipao. Again, I am so pleased with the dress and please feel free to post the picture on the client\'s album








KATHERINE HUNT Apologies for the delay in replying to your email. Please find attached a photo that you can use on your web site. I was very pleased with the quality of the dress and everyone commented on how lovely it was









I hope you and the rest of the efushop staff enjoy looking at these photos








Mindy Lawrence

The judges loved her gown! She came in 17th place out of 220








Belinda The purple qipao with Western taste fit me perfectly and made me look very elegant. Many people came up to me and commented how beautiful the dress was. I am extremely satisfied on the qualiy of the dress as well as the customer service you provided along the way. My time frame was very tight, but you and your staff prioritized my order and shipped to me much quicker than my planned date. I am very very pleased. I definitely will shop at efushop again and highly recommend efushop to my friends. Thank you very much!!!!








BARTHELEMY NICOLAS happy new yearthe dress is beautifulthank youa pictures for your site if you wantnicolas








Benni Amato I thought I\'d be wearing the dress sooner, but here is a picture from my wedding, wearing the dress that you made. If the offer is still up, I would love to join as a VIP member. My name is now Benni Amato.Thank you so much for the beautiful dress
















LanChien Tallant

Hi Sally, I received the SCT40 Qipao. It\'s gorgeous!! I am 100% satisfied. It\'s so perfect, I don\'t need to alter it at all. I have attached a few photos. You\'re welcome to post some on your page if you think they look OK. Thank again for your wonderful service and excellent product. Let me know if there is anything I need to take care, then I will send in my other orders shortly. LanChien








Christopher Brooks SCT54

My girlfriend loves the dress and I think it fits her beautifully. Attached is a picture of her in it. You did a wonderful job on it and the quality of the craftsmanship is excellent. Thank you so much. Chris








LanChien Tallant The quality and the workmanship are beyond expectation. I really love them! I appreciate your professional team work with your tailors. You all did superb job








LanChien Tallant 01 The quality and the workmanship are beyond expectation. I really love them! I appreciate your professional team work with your tailors. You all did superb job








LanChien Tallant 02 The quality and the workmanship are beyond expectation. I really love them! I appreciate your professional team work with your tailors. You all did superb job








gaelle carboni Here is the picture of me in my wedding dress. It fitted perfectly and didn\'t male me look too big even if I am pregnant.All the guest at our wedding were amazed by the dress, the color and the work... Now for sure I am gonna buy another one, when I get my figure back.Thanks again for your advice and disponibility








Ami Pinnick I wore this dress to a black tie event, and got so many compliments on it! I\'ll definitely be ordering in the future. Thank you for all your help








Sarah Eap I don\'t know if you remember me, this is Sarah. But I just had my wedding and here is a picture of my mother, myself, and my mother-in-law in our Chinese dresses that Efu Shop made for us. I, again want to say thank you for the wonderful dresses, everyone LOVED our dresses and wondered where we got them. Thank you so much!!








Per Lee Hello!Photo for your client album as promised. The dress is so fine, everyone loved it! Per








TING-HO SU Here is the picture of me wearing the dress... All my guests think the dress is stunning! It fits me so well and fabric is gorgeous









Keara Donnachie My prom was last night and it was a great night, more so because my dress was beautiful on! Everyone complimented me on it! Thanks every so much to you and everyone else at Efu








Beryl Chung YIP' chinese wedding dress I ordered my wedding dresses from you back in August last year. My wedding was in November 2007.I have attached a few photo\'s of me wearing the dresses on my special day. Everyone was very pleased with the dresses. Thank you for making it, your service was excellent. I\'m looking to order a few more prom/ ball dresses in the near future. Thanks again for making my day so special








Nigel Mallett Dear Sally, Here\'s one of Gillian in the dress. Regards, Nigel








Lisbeth Risvik This is our sample room. The picture is Lis with our one tailor. For cutting the fabric, not make. Lis likes her dress very much








CMC17  I would like to thank you for the beautiful dress you made me. I fit well and the quality is really nice. Thanks a lot








Christine Pan I attached some pictures from my wedding to send you as promised. The girls looked gorgeous! We received many compliments on how beautiful the dresses were, and the girls noted how comfortable they were to wear. They were also very happy to have a bridesmaid dress they could actually use again. Thank you so much for all of your help and communication








Pamela Bainter You have changed your site a lot since I first used it to order my wedding dress. I also ordered 3 other dresses for my bridesmaids. Although I was not permitted to wear the red like Chinese tradition, I loved my white dress just as much. I did, however, have the bridesmaids were the red. They all loved their dresses and have worn them to other events. Thanks so much for your excellent customer service









Nancy My dress was wonderful! My mum and my sister were VERY happy with theirs, they said it fit like a glove. Thank you so much for everything. I\'ve attached photos you can use for your website.








Melissa I had it made....Love it! I will be wearing it at PAppreciation. Now I need a hairstyle, hahaha. Thank you E fuMel








customer 09








customer 11








customer 13








customer 15








Miss Zhang's dress

Miss Zhang's dress ,she love it. 

she ordered  our dress :Beige silk with embroidery cheongsam  Item Code: 2596


 efushop choongsam







Miss Xue er' qipao dress party

Miss Xue er's dress party ,she love it.  Royal blue rich flower cheongsam dress SCT165  Item Code: SCT165

 efushop cheongsam qipaoefushop cheongsam qipao







MRS ZHU 01 The customer has bought several dresses from our store. 








Monica Gao








Dark red cotton dress Sally, 

here are a couple of pictures from my wedding photo shoot. Everybody loved the dress, thank you so much! 








Red strips silk cheongsam dress SCS96








Van Dam's mother's Qipao My mum and her friend in their EfuShop dresses. The choice of fabric and quality of work was excellent and the dedicated and personal customer service was outstanding.Close-up of my mum's EfuShop dress to show the high quality of fabric and workmanship.








Nerissa 's painted peony with phonix embroidery patten cheongsam .

 Nerissa 's  painted peony with  phonix embroidery patten cheongsam .








Cathy Chew's cheongsam Cathy Chew's cheongsam. SCT126

Thank you so much for making such a beautiful cheongsam for me.  Everyone love it and I have given them your email address.

Once again, thank you Sally.









Sonya Kilmartin's wedding dress Sonya Kilmartin's wedding dress








Jennifer Matthew's qipao Hi,Sally,we  received the dress and it is beautiful.








Her wedding dress Here is the item








Customer 10








Lucy Yang's cheongsam Hi Sally,I received the dress already. I will take some pictures at my friend's wedding and  send it to you. It's very beautiful. I like the dress a lot.  I love my dress. Thanks for your help!
It's Beautiful! Thank you again!








David Pinna's long gown
Hi dear efushop here are the pictures .
regards Yaniv








David Pinna's long gown 01 David Pinna's long gown.
Hi Sally Yaniv made an order of 3 cheongsam one of the is mine CCC10 as well as a jacket CCM18 you have the mesuraments of mine from the previous order of 2 cheongsam XLsize,regarding the other 2 cheongsams find out with Yaniv.
David Pinna








Alicia Ung's cheongsam Hi!!
It fit great, thanks for getting it to me so quickly!








Customer 12








customer 14








Customer 16
























Customer 17








Customer 18








Customer 19
















Miss Jalent 2012








Annis Koh's wedding dress

Hi Sally,

How are you? My name is Annis. I was married last November and I got
you to make my wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses and cheongsum.
Sorry its been over a year to send you a picture of me in my dresses.
Better late than never right.

I also would like to enquire for my sister in law about getting a
specific cheong sum made by end of January. can it be done by then?
how much would you estimate to make it?

I have attached pics of my wedding with my bridesmaids and the picture
of the dress that I am enquiring about. I will send you the pic of my
mom and I in our cheongsum.

Hope to hear from you soon.












Jen Nie Chong's qipao

Thank you Efushop. Excellent quality, would highly recommend to anyone.

Name: Jennie Chong
  Nation: Australia
  Year Bought: 2012








Maureen Goff 's qipao

Hi Sally,

I ordered a dress that I received in October. I forgot to send a photo for your webpage. I love the dress - thank you!


On Wed, Oct 3, 2012 at 1:13 PM, maureen goff wrote:

Hi Sally,
I received the dress - it is beautiful, fits great, and is so well made! Thank you!



On Thu, Sep 27, 2012 at 9:28 PM, maureen goff  wrote:

HI Sally,
Yes, I will send a photo! I saw the photos of your other clients on
your webpage and it was great marketing and helped me with my decision
in getting a dress made. Also, many thanks to your staff that made the
dress. Really looking forward to seeing it - I am sure it is lovely.








David Pinna,Yaniv Gatenio and Arik Gatenio's long gowns David Pinna,Yaniv Gatenio and Arik Gatenio's long gowns








Jean Hoops' qiapo
 I promised to send a few pictures to dresss was beautiful! Thank you so much for all of your help!
                                                                        Thank you
                                                                         Jean Hoops  








Lynn Woo's qipao
Dear Sally,
The dress is great and fit my friend perfectly.  I am attaching pictures, but I apologize that they are not the best photos.  I don't think they do the dress justice.  I will try to get better pictures of it in the future, but that day, she did not bring shoes or anything to wear with the dress. As I had said, I would like to order 4 more of this exact design, but I will be sending you the measurments of the other 4 girls.  Also, the event is not until October, so these girls may not want to get measured for a few more months (some have just given birth a few months ago and are still losing weight). Will you be able to save our correspondences for a little while and remember our conversations about this?  I am most nervous that the other 4 dresses I order will not match this original one that was already made!
thank you, as always for communicating so well with me.  I appreciate it very much!!








Bec Ortega 's qipao Bec Ortega 's qipao








Jiamiao yu 's qipao Hi Sally,

I loved the dress and the craftsmanship.









Hello Sally,
Remember me...Carol.....Here are some photos of me in the orange dress. You can
choose anyone to use on your site. The dress was stunning for evening
conference at church

If you can't open the photos, I will have someone send in the format to open to
use on your site. Let me know. I will send more and you can choose which one you
want to use.

here are a few more and you can choose any one you prefer to use on the site
Great job on dress.
Talk to you soon.








Ngoc Buu Ha's wedding dress

On 2/13/13, Ngoc ha  wrote:

Hi Sally,
Sorry about the late reply.  The dresses turned out beautifully and I
was very happy with them all.  Thank you for all your help.  I have
attached a few photos from our tea ceremony for you.
Kind regards,


P.s.  I am happy for you to display my photos =)








Grace chan Grace chan's cheongsam.She is a lovely woman.








Anita Banh'dress CMC18-M240








blue cheongsam our chinese customer ,she oreder this dress SPS08








Four hand painted cheongsam
We made four  hand -painted cheongsam dresses for these lady. 
Four flower for four seasons.








Jacqueline Bong-Priess's cheongsam Thank you for a job well done. Fits well and the colors are terrific. Everything when well from the cut to delivery. Will recommend you to friends!








Miss Guo's embroidered cheongsam dress

Miss Guo runs a women company ,she made a speech in a improtaint meeting wearing a purple  embroideed cheongsam dress , which is made by Our efushop.

  Here is item link



Our customer's wedding photos in China








Our chinese customer She said: I love this dress.








Michele's wedding photo

She said:

Bridesmaid dresses for Michele's wedding

Red/black silk brocade cheongsam dress sct196

They were perfect and beautiful. They matched the brides handmaid kimono dress perfectly.
Thanks so much 








Judy's black dress She said :This is a custom-made dress, great! 

On graduation, I wore this dress,  hold the attention of everyone immediately .
Blue dress---Mrs Tang Miss tang is our customer in china.
Mei Ling's wedding photos We thank Mei Ling for sending these wedding photos to us .She ordered these dresses(Item 1931 - no embroidery)for her bridesmaids .
Alison's wedding
We thank Alison for sending her  photos.
Alison said:Thank you and Efushop for your professionalism and your kindness. 
I want to share with you some pictures of the wedding and the dress. 
My husband, our family and the guests have really loved the gown !
Our chinese clent's photos The code of this dress style  is 2619.
Miss Tian Yue Guo

Miss guo and ladies wore our dresses to join the cheongsam party show.

 cheongsam qipaocheongsam qipaocheongsam qipaocheongsam qipaocheongsam qipaocheongsam qipaocheongsam qipao

 cheongsam qipaocheongsam qipao







Qiao's wedding photos
Hi Efushop:

The wedding dress and the jacket are so awesome, we received lots of praises from our friends and family. Please help me to thank everybody who made our wedding dress and jacket so beautifully. The attachment is the picture that I promised you.

Thanks again,
cheongsam wedding
May's Chinese wedding

May said:

Thank you for all your help on our wedding ,the qipao is wonderful !

They were so nice!
Bree's wedding Dress

Rube said:

You know how much I love this dress,My boyfriend also appreciate it!

It's a nice day!
coutomer's photo

Bree's wedding Dress

Bree said:

It is so wonderful that take photos with this qipao.


Customer's cheongsam photo

Wedding qipao
Joe's wedding Dress
Hello Efushop team!
dress received today. It is absolutely satisfying. Once more thank you very much. Will recommend your professional work occasonally. See pictures at attachment. Keep your quality furthermore!

Kind Regards
coutomer's picture
Chinese qipao

Mrs. NiNi 's photo2

I  like this dress ,it's for the tea ceremony !


 Silk blue-white porcelain cheongsam dressSilk blue-white porcelain cheongsam dress








Mrs. NiNi 's photo

I really like this dress ,it is old shanghai fashion!


 Old Shanghai faishion qipao dress








Mrs. Li 's dress
Hello efushop
Thank you for remaking my dress and shipping to me on time. 
It fitted perfectly.
Below picture on the wedding dinner day.

 I am happy for you to show my photo on your website.










Miss Lynn ' green dres

Miss Lynn said :Hello Efushop,Earlier this year I made two cheongsams from your online store. I absolutely love them. Here are some photos of me wearing them.

 Green silk cheongsam dressGreen silk cheongsam dress






Miss Lynn ' gray dress

Miss Lynn said :Hello Efushop,Earlier this year I made two cheongsams from your online store. I absolutely love them. Here are some photos of me wearing them.

 gray cheongsam dressgray cheongsam dress






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