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Have you ever dreamed of a special style of costume for an important party? Did you ever find it difficult to get a imagined dress from your local store? eFushop can make your dream come true! With our new service, STYLE TAILORING, you'll be able to send detailed requirements of your design to us and get a realized dress with an unbelievable pleasing price!

Draw your design now and eFushop will make it ture for you! You will have your unique cheongsam, theatrical costume, uniform, wedding dress, cosplay or performance costume that catches everyone's sight!

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Designed by us
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Designed by Ms Chen
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Designed by Kim Chung
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STYLE TAILORING is convenient, all you have to do is:

1. Decide on the style design. You need to think about the dress ALL OVER. Leave no blank part of the dress because that's your own design! Don't worry, eFushop staff will always be a backup when it's hard for you to determine, but still you have to make the final decision.

2. Deliver to us a clear and understandable concept of the design. There are some measures we recommend that you can better show us your design.
* Drawing a picture of your design. Photogragh it and send it with an email. You are not required to draw a professional design but a clear picture and you can add necessary explanations on it. Sometimes drawing both the front and the back, or even other detailed parts of the design such as cuff or lap, can help to convey your idea more efficiently. 
* Collecting pictures with the right elements you want to apply for your design. If you do not own a design, but want to combine the collar of picture A, the sleeves of picture B, and the basic design of picture C, you can send us all the pictures you use and attach clear requirements on the part you want to take from each picture. 
* Specifying the changes you want to make to a ready design. This would be quite easy: from long sleeves to short sleeves, high collar to low collar, big lap to fishtail...
* You can combine the above three ways together to show us your design.

3. Discuss with eFushop on the design and order. Our service email is We suggest that you offer us detailed measurements along with your design. Requirements on the fabric is also needed. You can choose from eFushop fabric pool. We could also find fabrics for you in local market. After receiving your design our professional tailor will check it first to see if it is feasible or not. Then our staff will discuss with you some missed points regarding the design. You will receive a price estimation at the beginning and a real price quotation when the design is finally settled.

In a STYLE TAILORING, eFushop is responsible to tailor the dress exactly accoring to your every requirements after discussion. eFushop is not able to capture your portential requirements that you don't state but only imagine (or ignored) in your own brain. The return policy of STYLE TAILORING is consistent to the policy applied for Custom-Made dresses.

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