how to measure?

Size table


Here is the full guidance for you to complete the measuring steps if you want to order a tailor-made dress. Follow each step and remember that only correct measurements ensure the perfect fitness.

Attention before you measure:

1)The person who is measured should wear close-fitting underwear

2)The person who is measured should keep in an upright, natural standing position without  unnecessary actions.

3)When the girth around parts of your body is taken, make sure that the measuring tape is held  horizontally, not too loose nor too tight.

4)We will add some margin when we make the clothes

 A. height:



neck size


The distance between two Shoulder joint with arms drooping naturally, taken at back:

shoulder size CM

 D. bust:

In standing position and breathing naturally, the girth around the biggest part of bust:

bust sizeCM

 E. waist:

In standing position, the girth round the narrowest part of the waist:

waist sizeCM

 F. hip:

In standing position, girth round the largest part of the hip:

hip size

 G. front

Waist length

From the shoulder joint to the narrowest part of the waist, and make sure that it should get across the highest point of the breast: 

front wasit lengthfront wasit length

 H. back

Waist length:

In standing position, the distance from shoulder joint blade to the waistline, taken at back:

back wasit length

 I. breast height:

From the shoulder joint to the highest point of the breast:

breast height

 J. front beast wide:

The distance between two front armpits:

front width

 K. back beast wide:

The distance between two back armpits:

back width

back width


The girth around arm joint:

 arm hole

 M.arm girth:

Around the thickest part of upper arm:

arm girth

 N. dress length

From shoulder point pass bust to bottom

dress length


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how to measure?

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