Mandarin Dresses on Non-Chinese Actresses


Mandarin dresses originated in China and remain popular with today’s Chinese women. Since they are best at presenting a woman’s curves and manners, they even appeal to movie stars from other countries. These actresses apparently wish to add some exotic charms to their looks. How do Mandarin dresses work for them? Let’s take a look one by one.


Katy Perry

The slate blue short Mandarin dress carries a sense of modern design. With her purple hair that makes her look like a doll, Katy Perry appears very cute in this dress.

cheongsam qipao

Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue’s white Mandarin dress is eye-catching but not classic. The style of the Mandarin dress does not come out right on her. It even makes her look a little chunky. Obviously, non-Chinese ladies should take their own body shapes into consideration when picking a Mandarin dress.

cheongsam qipao

Paris Hilton

Whether a woman looks good in a Mandarin dress depends on her curves. Hilton’s flat chest is a big problem. Plus, her hips are too small. We don’t see enough curves either in the front or in the back. However, she made a good color choice. The combination of red, black and gold is stunning, even though her showy personality does not really match the ladylike demeanor a Mandarin dress is supposed to bring out.

cheongsam qipao

Emma Watson

The Mandarin dress doesn’t really fit the charming young lady. It is a little too big.

cheongsam qipao

Anna Paquin

The Mandarin dress looks great on the Sookie of “True Blood.” It accentuates her curvy rear end.

cheongsam qipao

Anne Hathaway

This is something she wears in the movie “One Day.” She looks so graceful in it!

cheongsam qipao


This modernized Mandarin dress really brings out the way she carries herself, but its colors look too matronly.

cheongsam qipao

Jane Russell

With her classic demeanor, she looks as ultra feminine as an oriental beauty in this brocade Mandarin dress.

cheongsam qipao

Kate Moss

A supermodel is a supermodel.

cheongsam qipao

Rachel Wood

Remember Queen Sophie-Anne on True Blood? Isn’t she astonishing?

cheongsam qipao

Grace Kelly

This legendary princess of Monaco still can posthumously conquer the world with her beauty.

cheongsam qipao

Naomi Campbell

With some Chinese blood in her, this legendary supermodel looks ladylike in the Mandarin dress.

cheongsam qipao

Nicole Kidman

This image has the word “goddess” written all over it.

Victoria Beckham

This modernized Mandarin dress flatters the fashion designer’s curves.

cheongsam qipao

Jennifer Lopez

Although the dark floral pattern of J Lo’s short Mandarin dress looks understated, its skin tight silhouette accentuates her curves. The purposefully open collar seems a little less than ladylike. The slits are too high at the same time, comparable to a showgirl’s costume. As she’s sitting on a low sofa during a talk show, her thighs are all exposed on camera.

cheongsam qipao


The eccentric Bjork never follows the rules, including conventions about Mandarin dresses. The combination of embroidered red shoes and a hunter green Mandarin dress looks bizarre to the Chinese.

cheongsam qipao

Ayumi Hamasaki

With shimmery gold trims on bright red, the Mandarin dress matches her usual luxurious style. However, it is necessary to prevent wardrobe malfunctions when wearing such high slits. Ayumi probably didn’t learn how to really pull off a Mandarin dress. When she strides on stage or sits down, her entire thighs are exposed in front of everyone.

cheongsam qipao

Ueto Aya

In 2007, Ueto Aya wore many Mandarin dresses in different styles for a Japanese TV drama “Li Xianglan,” which tells the story of a Japanese lady becoming an actress in China during World War II.

cheongsam qipao

Maki Horikita

Maki played Li Xianglan in the Japanese TV drama “The Cross-dressed Beauty.” Her Mandarin dresses came in sophisticated styles.

cheongsam qipao

Masami Nagasawa

Masami’s white Mandarin dress with red trims makes her look like a young girl.


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